the used Hiace. Japanese wagon of Toyota.

The style that the circle eyes 4 light is pretty as for the Hiace of first 10 line about a van and a wagon of Toyota.
The 200 system of the current model plays an active part after circle eyes 2 light, corner eyes 2 light, vertical corner eyes 4 light ... repeated minor changes afterwards.
I was able to choose various body variation seat arrangement among the times of the Hiace of first 10 line.
This is right the first characteristic of the Hiace and one of the reasons that continued being loved for a long time includes a Hiace.
The van type that baggage is fully ridden on.
Furthermore, size and specifications are selectable in a van type.
The wagon type that a lot of people are picked up on. The ten people-passenger who can get on with a common license is set in the 200 system.
The commuter whom a lot of people are also ridden on more. Seemingly a common Hiace can see it, but becomes 2 numbers (bus registration).
It is one of the popularity an after-sales care market market is active, and to be able to do a custom to a lifestyle.
Not only the transportation use of the freight but also pleasure and the convenience to make it Bet of the full flat as a movement car carrying wheelchairs as TRANSPORTER (call the car which rides a motorcycle, and runs transporter, TRANSPORTER), and to be able to make the one of the originals only for oneself who is good to what kind of needs and lifestyle for outdoor leisure such as sleeping on the train and camping, surfing, the snowboarding are one of popularity as a commercial vehicle.